"Originality is the new vision of an eternal theme."       Michel Ciry

Chainmail is a unique and multifaceted material. Originally used to manufacture personal protective equipment, it has now found its place in interior decoration.

It is used to cover windows, lamps and many decorative objects.
It filters and enhances light for the pleasure of our eyes.

Assembled in metal panels, it can be used to structure a room into different zones without partitioning it and/or to protect it from outside view.

Installed in front of a fireplace, it blocks any projections while transmitting heat.

Result of technical know-how, it is solid while remaining very flexible. The assembly of the plates by hand allows various customisations (patterns or text).

Sold by the square metre and delivered "ready to install", the metal textiles can be adapted and varied in many ways: curtains, screens, Japanese partitions, etc... 10 models of stainless steel or aluminium plates are available in various colours: white, black, bronze, gold, copper, mirror polished stainless steel, natural aluminium or gunmetal.

    Catalog for textiles

The lighting/objects catalogue presents a wide range of table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, hanging lamps, chandeliers, but also everyday objects covered with chain mail: vases, carafes, napkin rings, table runners, etc.

Catalog Textiles   Catalog for lamps and decoration objects

Chainmail is a fascinating material, both to look at and to touch.
It is now being used on your table and in your home, giving it an inimitable style and sparkle.
Let yourself be inspired by this evergreen material!