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Mukul Goyal

Legs up Stopper

Swim hapily but don't go too far!

Box "5 Walkers"

Distribute your valued load on these secure and broad shoulders.

ID Shelf

Hold it high with these mini shelves, for a trophy, memento or a vase!

Meta Pitcher

This pitcher is a combination of forms to present an abstract composition both in form and in function. It is a wink at a transition process.

Chest Box

Although little, his chest is large enough for your best treasures!

Heads up Stopper

Do not hang your head, whatever comes!

Eden Vase

The stalks of the flowers are supported by the winding and gracefull movement of the tendril like forms, creating an almost invisible vase.

Lattice Salad Servers

The lost wax casting process is used in this collection to get a precise cast. It enables to produce very unique pieces.

Seer Lens

"He who knows himself is enlightened."

Lao Tzu

Bottoms up Box

What are they searching for?!

Heads up Candlestand

Silent witness of your romantic evenings.

Yoga Cheese Tray

In order to whet your appetite, these confirmed yoga practitioners form a guard of honour.