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Mukul Goyal's collection

ID Bowl

Reminiscent of people carrying loads on their heads. The stainless steel bowl is removable.

ID Tape Dispenser

Take a breather, after the slog! Works with a 20 mm (3/4") wide tape. Easy to replace.

ID Corkscrew

Revel in the twist, dance to the happy times ahead...

Measuring Ape

There was an ape and he had a tape, he went around with the measure, looking all over for the treasure.

ID Ice Bucket

Looking for something?? Dude - Where's my ice?

Ambala Peg Measurer

Get sloshed by the bucketful.

I Love Mirror

How're you doing!!! The mirror revisits our fascination with our own reflections.

Mr. Lean Doorstopper

Pivoted on the heels, Mr. Lean rests against the door when wedged in.

ID Mirror

Look into the mirror the way you want to!


Enliven a dull corner with these mini - sculptures. Designed to attract attention where ever you keep them.

Splat Bookends

Inspired from comic illustrations. With these space saving bookends you can have books till the edge of your book shelf. They also work for CD stacks. Set of 2