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L'or J

Maï Bracelets

These bracelets are so charming that you will not like to to be separated from them. A blessing that they are made of stainless steel: you can therefore wear them under a shower or on the beach.

Maï Necklaces

"Maï" mean sea princess in Hebrew. The assemby of this chainmail weave reminds us of the movements of waves. This necklace is avaible with a fein or thicker chainmail.

Trifina Necklace

A festive collection!

Trifina Bracelet

A festive Kollektion!

Seza Bracelet

An hematite nestles into a fine chain. This bracelet is very artful and light.

Seza Long Necklace

The hematite snuggles to this fine chainmail bed...

Tudala Long Necklace

This necklace has been created with chainmail assembled in tubular form; a technical character that makes it possible to wear it as you like and giving it an inimitable charm...

Seza Earrings

They wriggle all the time!

Tudala Bracelet

The particularity of this bracelet is the perfect volume given by the tubular form of the chainmail weave.

Tudala Earrings

A perfect addition to the Tudala ensemble! They are as light as a feather.

Kravate Necklace

This ladylike tie will attract a lot of attention. A beautiful asset of seduction!

Malou Necklace

This subtile combination of differents chains has a stunning effect on a unicolored top.