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L'or J

"Malao" Necklace

Subtle mix of rings from different diameters.

Connie Earrings

If as a triangle or arc of circle, these geometrical earrings emphasize the virtues of chainmail.

Hénora Bracelet

The round forms of chainmail and hematite constitute a gracefull ensemble.

Hénora Earrings

So romantic!

Hénora Necklace

The medaillon of this necklace is finely worked upon and adorned with an hematite.

Connie Bracelet

This simple bracelet is very pleasant to touch and wear.

Connie Necklace

The rustic touch of this necklace gives a crazy charm to it!

Hervea Earrings

Very fine and resistant, these small links are welded together one by one. This is the result of a true skilled workmanship.

Hervea Bracelet

It is an elegant bracelet with its semi-precious hematites.

Hervea Necklace

The semi-precious hematites at the end of the discreet and simple chain give nice reflections.

Maï Multifunction Chains

This sweet, fine and resistant chain can be worn as a necklace, wrinkle or foot bracelet, headband, belt... Made of stainless steel, this chain does not fear any surrounding.

Maï Earrings

These simple and sweet earrings exist in 2 models.