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"Bubble Round" Floor Lamp

A tall round, all rounder ...

"Bubble" Chandelier Lamp

This chandelier lamp shines of thousand fires thanks to the superposition of the plattes. 

"Otla" Chandelier Lamp

Its Majesty the lustre "Otla" knows how to underline its fluid forms.

"Andrea" Chandelier Lamp

A tribute to the work from Andrée Putman, famous french designer and interior designer that died in 2013.

"Spirale Bubble" Chandelier Lamp

This chandelier lamp of 3,20 m creates a fantastic ambience and a very special light/shadow effect.

Suspended Lamps

These suspended lamps are made up of small plates and let the light through in a sophisticated way.


"Bubble Checker" Square Lamp

A simple but elegant design for this lamp with checker pattern...

"Bubble Reversible" Square Lamp

Change your decoration in no time with this reversible lamp!

"Bubble" Square Wall Lamp

A design wall lamp with surprising light reflections!

"Saint Pères" Square Lamp

So chic!

"Saint Pères" Square Floor Lamp

This majestic floor lamp wearing a chain mail will become your faithfulest servant.

"Bubble" Round Lamp

This absolute modern lamp invites us to think back over the seventies...