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Morph Cheese Knife

A successful transformation to cut your cheese!

Headbanger Mortar and Pestle

This fan from "headbang" drags you into a frenetic pace...

Heads up Stopper

Do not hang your head, whatever comes!

Yoga Cheese Tray

In order to whet your appetite, these confirmed yoga practitioners form a guard of honour.

Legs up Candlestand

What a nice candle!

Radiant Tealight Holder

In a radiant mood!

Legs up Stopper

Swim hapily but don't go too far!

Nut Bowl

Are you nuts?

Meta Pitcher

This pitcher is a combination of forms to present an abstract composition both in form and in function. It is a wink at a transition process.

Heads up Candlestand

Silent witness of your romantic evenings.

Bazaar Olive Dish

Pick Olives or hors d'oeuvre - small bites served right!

Yoga and Perch Bottlestoppers

Once perched, he does not really intend getting off - View from the top of the wine bottle is heady!!