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ID-Home Deco

Out Box

Think outside the box!

In Box

Curiosity killed the cat!

ID Candle Holder

Lighting up your way with triumph.

ID Jewelry Holder

Your beautifull treasures well-balanced!

Radiant Tealight Holder

In a radiant mood!

Box "5 Walkers"

Distribute your valued load on these secure and broad shoulders.

Box "7 Walkers"

No thief has a chance against this team of 7 runners!


Every movement and position on time!

Squeeze Photo Clip

I hold you close, I hold you tight - memories of joy and delight!

Bazaar Bowl

Inspired by the vendors in a bazaar, these stainless steel bowls serve dips,
snacks, salads and a lot more... The men are able handles to carry and serve.

ID Wine Stack

Agree to disagree!! Stacks 1 to 6 bottles.

Movers & Shakers Photoframe

They move!