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Home Deco

Chandelier in Chainmail

The chainmail tubes adorning this big chandelier give it a theatrical look.

Box "7 Walkers"

No thief has a chance against this team of 7 runners!


Every movement and position on time!

Squeeze Photo Clip

I hold you close, I hold you tight - memories of joy and delight!

Hangon Wall Hook

Hanging out with friends in style.

Movers & Shakers Photoframe

They move!

ID Vase

Hold it just right there...!! The stem - organiser provided helps you manage the flower stalks.

Box "9 Walkers"

Distribute your valued load on these secure and broad 9 shoulders

Eden Couple Candleholder

A set of 2 entwined candlesticks. In singles they are elegance redefined and together they make magic!

Harvest Basket

Inspired by the image of the harvest and of the joy of good returns, this collection also ties in to the underwater world, especially to the coral.

Eden Floor Candleholder

Flamboyance + Elegance = Grandiose. Can also be used in multiples, entwined at the base. Holds Pillar candles upto 7.5 cms dia.

Mr. Lean Doorstopper

Pivoted on the heels, Mr. Lean rests against the door when wedged in.