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Home Deco

"Orchidée" Vase

This beautifull vase with water tank will not just appeal to your orchid!

Radiant Tealight Holder

In a radiant mood!

Bottoms up Box

What are they searching for?!

Chest Box

Although little, his chest is large enough for your best treasures!

Table Runners

Difficult to resist the desire to touch this majestic table runner...

"Spoutnik" Tealight Holders

Successfull landing for this tealight holder of another typ!

"Bambou" vase

Inspired by nature, nevertheless it keeps its modern look.

"Flamme" vase

The gold and bright vase wearing stainless steel chainmail plays with colors and styles ambiguously.

"Triangle" vase

What an avant-gardist form!

Vase / Pin tray

Vase or pin tray? You decide!


Covered with chainmail, this console puts its modernity forward.


These bottles adorn themselves with chainmail to tackle your decoration!