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Home Deco

Box "5 Walkers"

Distribute your valued load on these secure and broad shoulders.

ID Shelf

Hold it high with these mini shelves, for a trophy, memento or a vase!

"LD" Tealight Holder

When light plays with the chainmail...

"Carré" Vases

They are small but attract attention.

Eden Vase

The stalks of the flowers are supported by the winding and gracefull movement of the tendril like forms, creating an almost invisible vase.

"Boule" Vase

These vases with a generous form remind us faraway places.

"Orchidée" Vase

This beautifull vase with water tank will not just appeal to your orchid!

Chest Box

Although little, his chest is large enough for your best treasures!

Legs up Candlestand

What a nice candle!


These bottles adorn themselves with chainmail to tackle your decoration!

Table Runners

Difficult to resist the desire to touch this majestic table runner...

"Spoutnik" Tealight Holders

Successfull landing for this tealight holder of another typ!