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Home Deco

Box "5 Walkers"

Distribute your valued load on these secure and broad shoulders.

"LD" Tealight Holder

When light plays with the chainmail...

Crumpled Square Valet Tray

Entrust him your precious belongings.

"Carré" Vases

They are small but attract attention.

Out Box

Think outside the box!

In Box

Curiosity killed the cat!

"Boule" Vase

These vases with a generous form remind us faraway places.

"Orchidée" Vase

This beautifull vase with water tank will not just appeal to your orchid!

ID Jewelry Holder

Your beautifull treasures well-balanced!

Radiant Tealight Holder

In a radiant mood!

ID Candle Holder

Lighting up your way with triumph.

Table Runners

Difficult to resist the desire to touch this majestic table runner...