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Push Pins

Pins for your soft pin boards. One push for a fix!! Set of 6 in a box.

ID Paperweight

The best way to handle chaos, on all fours...

ID Keychain

Life is a trapeze - swing it.

ID Stapler

Life is one long nap filled with dreams and aspirations... why stress about pins and staples! Uses No 10 staple pins.

ID Book Mark

Peep above the horizon, look ahead, hold on to the present.

Acrobat Picks

Hors d'oeuvres just became sporty… jump and get them.

ID Bowl

Reminiscent of people carrying loads on their heads. The stainless steel bowl is removable.

ID Tape Dispenser

Take a breather, after the slog! Works with a 20 mm (3/4") wide tape. Easy to replace.

ID Corkscrew

Revel in the twist, dance to the happy times ahead...

Measuring Ape

There was an ape and he had a tape, he went around with the measure, looking all over for the treasure.

ID Ice Bucket

Looking for something?? Dude - Where's my ice?

Ambala Peg Measurer

Get sloshed by the bucketful.