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Entire range

Yoga Tab Rest

See life from a fresh perspective!

Hénora Necklace

The medaillon of this necklace is finely worked upon and adorned with an hematite.

Hénora Bracelet

The round forms of chainmail and hematite constitute a gracefull ensemble.

Hénora Earrings

So romantic!

Lattice Tealight Holder

The lost wax casting process is used in this collection to get a precise cast. It enables to produce very unique pieces.

Bottoms up Box

What are they searching for?!

Out Box

Think outside the box!

Malou Necklace

This subtile combination of differents chains has a stunning effect on a unicolored top.

Legs up Candlestand

What a nice candle!

Heads up Candlestand

Silent witness of your romantic evenings.

Radiant Tealight Holder

In a radiant mood!

"Bambou" vase

Inspired by nature, nevertheless it keeps its modern look.