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"Saint Pères" Square Lamp

So chic!

Morph Cheese Knife

A successful transformation to cut your cheese!

Heads up Stopper

Do not hang your head, whatever comes!

Headbanger Mortar and Pestle

This fan from "headbang" drags you into a frenetic pace...

Nut Bowl

Are you nuts?

Legs up Stopper

Swim hapily but don't go too far!

"Bubble Diamond" Square Lamp

Optical effect: with the diamond on the lampshade, it is as if the lamps would flash...


This elegant decanter shines on your table.

Candles "Qult/LE LABO"

A light source from Qult design® which combines the flickering light and warmth of a real wax candle with the security of the self extinguishing/controlled flame of a tealight. Covered with chainmail, it is dressed to kill!


An inimitable charm!

Chandelier in Chainmail

The chainmail tubes adorning this big chandelier give it a theatrical look.

Lazy Knife rest

Carpe diem...