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Entire range

"Bubble" Chandelier Lamp

This chandelier lamp shines of thousand fires thanks to the superposition of the plattes. 

Suspended Lamps

These suspended lamps are made up of small plates and let the light through in a sophisticated way.


"Bubble Round" Floor Lamp

A tall round, all rounder ...

"Saint Pères" Square Floor Lamp

This majestic floor lamp wearing a chain mail will become your faithfulest servant.

"Saint Pères" Square Lamp

So chic!

"Bubble Diamond" Square Lamp

Optical effect: with the diamond on the lampshade, it is as if the lamps would flash...


This elegant decanter shines on your table.

Candles "Qult/LE LABO"

A light source from Qult design® which combines the flickering light and warmth of a real wax candle with the security of the self extinguishing/controlled flame of a tealight. Covered with chainmail, it is dressed to kill!


An inimitable charm!

Chandelier in Chainmail

The chainmail tubes adorning this big chandelier give it a theatrical look.

"Orchidée" Vase

This beautifull vase with water tank will not just appeal to your orchid!

"Boule" Vase

These vases with a generous form remind us faraway places.