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Entire range

Autumn Serving Tray

These passengers traveling stress-free at your own convenience. The tray can roll.

Yoga Napkin Rings

How flexible are you? Pull out the mat and get going… Set of 6

Cake Walk Cake Dish

Dancing along the way... happy to serve!

Cake Walk Cake Server

A song in his heart and a spring in his step... ready to serve out the goodies!

Bazaar Platter

Reminiscent of merchants in a small town bazaars, the carpet spreads out to
serve delightful treats!

Lazy Platform

Time to relax and savour life... waiting for nothing. The granite platform can
be used for a variety of purposes, from serving cheese to keeping a candle...
Improvise to your use...

Eden Couple Candleholder

A set of 2 entwined candlesticks. In singles they are elegance redefined and together they make magic!

ID Napkin Holder

A soft bed of tissues... the man slides up and down as the height of the
pile changes. Easy to use.

More Ice Cream Scoop

Can I have more Ice-cream please...

Push Pins

Pins for your soft pin boards. One push for a fix!! Set of 6 in a box.

ID Paperweight

The best way to handle chaos, on all fours...

ID Keychain

Life is a trapeze - swing it.