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Mukul Goyal

In India Mukul Goyal belongs to the distinguished personalities and is praised for his excellent production of exclusive gifts and decoration articles. His collections, carrying Mukul Goyals signature, note extreme success in national and international spheres. Today his products are sold in more than 30 countries.

The subject of creativity

Quirky and fun, uncomplicated yet exuberant, Mukul Goyal,s distinctive creative expression draws inspiration from everyday life, where Mukul successfully walks the line between art and design; aesthetic and function.His style always keeps the functionality of the product in mind, whereas at the same time he seduces the user senses. Mukul Goyal says: "live and experience design, feel it...."

His work connects an elegant application of traditional methods with a modern expression, in which he moves all technical, material and expressional boundaries. His creations have been presented and awarded various times all over the world. The complex production is majorly done by hand and the material used are of very high quality.

A surprising design collection

With an eclectic milieu of inspirations and his keen penchant for artistic interpretation, every product in the Mukul Goyal signature collection is a simple story told with a twist! As Mukul Goyal designs with his heart, he gives the customer the opportunity to enjoy is product from another prospect. He loves creating articles which awake interest, surprise and enchant a smile on your face.

The 5 collections, carrying Mukul Goyals typical signature, consists of: stationary articles (penholder, visiting card holder, stapler....), table (bowl, cutlery, mug, napkin holder...) bar (Ice pail and shovel, corkscrew ....) and decorative articles like vases, candle stand, mirror and picture frames..

Humour and fantasy to react to the actual crisis context.

Mukul Goyal loves humour and his ID collection is a pretty and funny wink to life. ID comes to life and expresses feelings and wishes through attitudes and unexpected postures. Each object tells a small story that leads us back to ours. Mukul sees himself in the products and by creating; he wonders what he should do in such a particular situation. Mukul Goyal makes fun of our imagination; his creations slip into our life and become a mirror of certain moments in our life or of our moods. A sort of metamorphosis of ideas in a curious character called ID.

Radiance of abundance.

Mukul Goyal has got inspired by the image of the harvest and the joy to have a good harvest to create this collection. In the past, these forms are also an echo to the submarine world, particularly the coral. Earth and sea are therefore closely tied; every one should imagine his table enlightened by the grace and delicacy of this harvest collection.

Paradise on our tables.

The Eden collection is an echo to the garden and landscape: stalks, creepers, climbing plants, sinuous mountain paths, as many muses that inspired Mukul Goyal and come to decorate our tables with flowers. Lights are sublimated and unite in blazing interlacing. Candleholder, tealight holder, napkin rings, vase and trivet invite themselves to chic or friendly dinners.

The strength of precious material.

The Crumpled collection celebrates happiness and gatherings. The glamour and aura of festivals and celebrations, joy, collective memories, the delight on the faces of children and the satisfaction of adults – this collection of objects is a hymn to party. The Crumpled collection arrives straight away from the forge. Hear the clinking of the tools, guess the scorching embers and discover the magic and the lightness of this air clock that let the time flying by, of this tealight holder playing with light and shadows or of this decoration photo frame giving a golden crumpled memory to your photos. It is the result of a long work obtained by the blacksmith hammering brass, giving him a particular "patina".

Nature in the wild.

The Primitive collection: as its name suggests it, the primitive range pulls its inspiration from the primitive animal habits and forms. 

Articles from the collection "Harvest", "Eden" and "Crummpled" are available in 2 colours: gold and chrome. The golden colour is achieved through polishing of the raw material


A social and environmental engagement.

Mukul Goyal is a man celebrating life through his creations and tending to have deep respect for his peers. Therefore, in a very complex Indian social context, he takes care that his organisation provides good working conditions to his colleagues: having fixed daily working hours, holidays and competitive salaries. In India, unlike in the western countries, the social protection system is almost nonexistent; therefore employers, and particularly Mukul Goyal, represent for their employees and families a real social security. Housing, medical and educational aid are a few of the supports that a whole lot of families benefit from. Besides this, Mukul Goyal has constituted with patience a team of artisans from many corners of India, to educate them and make them sensitive to design; a token effort to ensure consistent and best quality for the created objects.
Finally, the creations of Mukul Goyal are made of recycled brass, aluminium and stainless steel and they are in turn themselves completely recyclable. An additional mark of attention for the environment.