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LE LABO design

The French enterprise LE LABO design creates decorative objects for the table and home, lamps and furniture made of chainmail.

Due to their excellent expertise in the manufacturing of chainmail and its derivative products, they are able to produce wonderful and original creations of a excellent quality.


LE LABO design : the story

since its inception in the year 1979 in the region of the Loire Valley in France, the company Manulatex has been producing protective clothing (primarily protective gloves and aprons) for industrial applications. This family business has been constantly developing a special know-how in the manufacturing of chainmail and its products in combination with steel and aluminium plates. With the result that today they are world leaders in this specialized field.

The beginning in the fashion world with Paco Rabanne….

It all began in the mid eighties at a meeting with Paco Rabanne which resulted in the alchemy for discovery of new applications of this industrial expertise. This was the anchor for a long termed friendship and collaboration between Phillipe and Sophie Jaunault and Paco Rabanne. Paco Rabanne is fascinated by the material that they manufacture and entrusts Sophie Jaunault with the task of making a "Buste" or close fitting top worn by women in chainmail. Less than a fortnight later he presented the result of her work at his show and the results were flabbergasting.

After this success they tied up for new, different and many a project. These included the special edition of the Champagne form "Lanson" clad in chainmail to celebrate the millennium year 2000.

The birth of LE LABO design

In 2007 Manulatex took over a design studio named LE LABO design which had been established a year earlier by three designers who were specialized in the designing of lamps and lighting systems. One of these designers is the famous Hervé Langlais from Paris. Manulatex decided to transfer and expand all its activities in the future under the brand name of LE LABO design for products in the decorative and interior spectrum.

Today, LE LABO design offers a large variety of tableware, decoration accessories and lamps. The material also allows them to offer very exclusive partitions and curtains which are very thin and subtle, provide the right degree of privacy and give a fantastic light, shadow and sound show.

Chainmail: a fascinating material

Chainmail is a splendid material which one does not see often anymore. Chainmail has the wonderful characteristic to adapt to its surrounding and hence can be very well combined with other forms and materials to result in object that enhance the flair and glamour of any surrounding it is set in. The variety of combining it with metal plates create an aesthetic that is sure to enchant you.

The products are all made in France. They involve machine production processes but also a large part of the manufacturing still involves skilled manual labour to bring the best out of each design, technical quality and standards.