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L'or J

"L'or J" is a brand of the French fashion and jewelry designer Carole Jaunault. Thanks to her unique know-how in the processing of chainmail she has had the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious fashion designers in the world including Yves Saint-Laurent and Paco Rabanne. She creates exceptional pieces of jewelry made with chainmail and the results of their originality, brilliance and ease tend to provoke enthusiasm.


Carole Jaunault discoveres the fashion world ...

Carole Jaunault has always been enthusiastic about art and had an opportunity many years ago to discover the world of fashion thanks to a random meeting with designer Paco Rabanne. This meeting was crucial in helping her making the decision to study Applied Arts later which she then successfully completed as a fashion designer from the prestigeius school "Chardon Savard" in Paris.

After a few fashion internships with big brands she worked for two years at LE LABO design.

She was actively involved for the Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 collection of Yves Saint Laurent and remains active for the brand Paco Rabanne on many a projects.

The beginnings of L'or J

In 2012 she started her own brand of fashion accessories under the name of: L'or J By Carole Jaunault.

Since she has acquired a unique know-how in the processing of chainmail like non other, she started with the design of jewelry made from chainmail.

She lets herself be inspired by the modern world as well as from the middle ages and reinterprets it all with a flair of rock and fancy to generate unique results.

Her creations are of a very high quality and so are the materials used: metal, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

The combination of materials as well as the "haute couture" methods implemented by Carole Jaunault on these pieces gives them an inimitable charm.

Her jewelery, bags, clothes and other accessories are all crafted in her studio in Saint-Nazaire in France.


Chainmail in all its glory

Chainmail is a rare material, that offers the following characteristics:

- since it is made of stainless steel, it is safe and stable. It fears no environment: hence the jewelery can be worn in the shower or on the beach, for example.

- The small stainless steel rings are welded together one after the other with high-tech processes. Thus they are durable and always come back into shape.

- it has stress relieving effect. Since it is extremely soft to touch, you tend to often reach out and search this healing feeling.

- It is supple, sensual and fine. It has an inimatable charm.

- inherently rather cold, it warms up very quickly when in contact with your skin.

Beyond these advantages, the jewelry made of chainmail by L'or J are unique and timeless. Let yourself be seduced!