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Christmas Collection

Measuring Ape

There was an ape and he had a tape, he went around with the measure, looking all over for the treasure.

ID Scissors

It takes two together to create a cutting edge.

ID Cutter

How much paper would a wood cutter cut if a wood cutter could cut wood??

ID Ice Bucket

Looking for something?? Dude - Where's my ice?

ID Ice Scoop

Shovelling up the ice for good use.

Ambala Peg Measurer

Get sloshed by the bucketful.

Harvest Basket

Inspired by the image of the harvest and of the joy of good returns, this collection also ties in to the underwater world, especially to the coral.

Eden Centerpiece

Individual sinuous candle sticks which you can entwine in your own beautiful formations or use individually. Available in 3 or 5 pieces.

Crumpled Photoframe

Frame the crumpled memories of your past. Can be used both in vertical and horizontal formats, or even hung on the wall in either position.