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Christmas Collection

"Bambou" vase

Inspired by nature, nevertheless it keeps its modern look.

"Aqua" vase

This vase with fluid forms masters transparency.

"Flamme" vase

The gold and bright vase wearing stainless steel chainmail plays with colors and styles ambiguously.

Vase / Pin tray

Vase or pin tray? You decide!


These bottles adorn themselves with chainmail to tackle your decoration!

Blade Letter Opener

Opens every envelope with a perfect stroke.

Bazaar Olive Dish

Pick Olives or hors d'oeuvre - small bites served right!

Box "7 Walkers"

No thief has a chance against this team of 7 runners!


Every movement and position on time!

Yoga and Perch Bottlestoppers

Once perched, he does not really intend getting off - View from the top of the wine bottle is heady!!

Bazaar Mug

As strong as the coffee!

Squeeze Photo Clip

I hold you close, I hold you tight - memories of joy and delight!