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Christmas Collection

Meta Pitcher

This pitcher is a combination of forms to present an abstract composition both in form and in function. It is a wink at a transition process.

"Malao" Necklace

Subtle mix of rings from different diameters.

Chest Box

Although little, his chest is large enough for your best treasures!

Nut Bowl

Are you nuts?

"LD" Napkin Rings

These napkin rings turn into stars as soon as all gather at the table.

"Aqua" vase

This vase with fluid forms masters transparency.

"Flamme" vase

The gold and bright vase wearing stainless steel chainmail plays with colors and styles ambiguously.


They always look nice: as a carafe or as a vase.

Vase / Pin tray

Vase or pin tray? You decide!

"Bambou" vase

Inspired by nature, nevertheless it keeps its modern look.

Radiant Tealight Holder

In a radiant mood!

Heads up Candlestand

Silent witness of your romantic evenings.