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Legs up Stopper

Swim hapily but don't go too far!

Heads up Stopper

Do not hang your head, whatever comes!


They always look nice: as a carafe or as a vase.


These bottles adorn themselves with chainmail to tackle your decoration!


This elegant decanter shines on your table.

Bazaar Olive Dish

Pick Olives or hors d'oeuvre - small bites served right!

Yoga and Perch Bottlestoppers

Once perched, he does not really intend getting off - View from the top of the wine bottle is heady!!

Bazaar Bowl

Inspired by the vendors in a bazaar, these stainless steel bowls serve dips,
snacks, salads and a lot more... The men are able handles to carry and serve.

ID Wine Stack

Agree to disagree!! Stacks 1 to 6 bottles.

ID Bottle Opener

Topple your own seat - This one excels in just that!!

Autumn Serving Tray

These passengers traveling stress-free at your own convenience. The tray can roll.

ID Napkin Holder

A soft bed of tissues... the man slides up and down as the height of the
pile changes. Easy to use.